10 BEST Ways Achieve Goals Fast

How to Achieve Goals Fast all starts with how you define success, what success means to you and creating positive actionable daily tasks.

There are usually different goals for different outcomes and the best way to achieving anything at all, is to first determine or to define the objective.

Once you have defined your goal objective, now the next step would be to study that desired goal. There are so many ways to approach this, but the most beneficial one, is to assess what this goal means to you.

Being honest with yourself, will truly inspire you to find your WHY this goal is so important. Establishing the importance of the goal, tends to make the whole process much more clearer and truly its your motivating factor.

In the process of assessing your WHY, also assess what it would mean or affect you, if you either fail or succeed. Your desire to achieve this goal, will truly motivate and fuel to go above and beyond in order to achieve your goals. It all starts with the mindset and your outlook. Hard work and discipline become much simpler if you are focused and you have a clear roadmap of how to support your goal and where you can find assistance if need be.

Achieving our goals is a fundamental pursuit that drives personal growth, accomplishment, and fulfillment. Yet, the journey towards realizing our aspirations often feels like an uphill climb, marked by challenges, detours, and sometimes, moments of self-doubt. The desire to expedite this journey and achieve our goals quickly is a natural inclination—one that reflects our ambition and determination



.Tools for Achieving Goals Fast 

.This tips below, will help you get started from unknown to narrowing down to exactly what you want and preparing you for success. Yes being successful is hard works, but there is a formula or a framework one can easily follow. Hopefully the tips below will inspire you to set up your own success framework.


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1. Positive Mindset

Quote: a positive mindset has the power to turn challenges into opportunities 

A positive mindset is so important to have and maintain in anything you do in life. The more you are positive, the more you are likely to see things half full instead of half empty. The power of positive thinking can truly shape and influence your life for the good. The best way to apply this in your daily life, is to create daily positive habits that will constantly encourage you and this will help you  to become an over achiever

Identify What You Want

Action: The next step is to figure out what you want. Many of us want to be successful but have no idea of how to accomplish the goal successfully. One of the best methods we have used is to answer questions that increase happiness or value in your life. For instance:

  • what does success look to you
  • what does happiness look like to you
  • do you need new skill to achieve that happiness


2. Research Your Dream

Quote: dreams only come into reality if they are carefully planned and action taken

Now that you have identified what it is that you want, you can now take the time to break down your dream into easy to follow phase. This will allow you to see the exact steps you have to follow from start to finish. The clearer your steps are, the better direction you will have as you are navigating and managing your goal. 

A clear goal is always easier to achieve than a goal that changes goalpost and worse that changes the objective. Be very clear and intentional of exactly what you need and want, and make sure to state it in this phase. 

  • Action: as you break down your goals into different steps, make sure identify what is need in each step in order for you to achieve it


3. Create Goals

Quote: a dream not broken down into easy achievable steps, only remains a dream

In this section is where you further break down your dream into timely actionable goals. The more you are precise with your goals, you will find them much easier to accomplish. Take the phase you established in the last section and further breakdown down your goals to what you need to accomplish on weekly or monthly timeline. Set out deadlines that are easy for you to accomplish. Do not over schedule as this will only create more pressure for you.

Action: For our new business example, this is the section we divide the business researched formation into different phases, for instance:

  • 2 weeks: for business research: you will always be researching about your business
  • 3 weeks: for business formation: what do you need to form your business


4. Select a Goal Measuring Tool

Quotes: success is a series of steps and not just one big venture, monitor your steps closely

This phase you can still use the S. M. A. R. T Goal Framework by using it to track your performance and to track your progress. There are so many free tools you can use in this phase that are more robust.

The most important objective is to be able to track your goals and visually see how you are progressing. You are absolutely going to face some challenges, being flexible is truly the key to success. This is where you can tap into your network for some assistance and detailed guidance.

  • Action: this is the phase where you are going to set out deadlines for each phase and the outlined goal which is broken down into smaller tasks


5. Master Mind Group

Quote: a clever mind works lesser and achieves more

A mastermind group is a group where likely minded people can share experience, advice and ask questions about a particular topic. This is truly an asset to anyone, and with the help of social media it has become more accessible to have a solid mastermind group. There are so many mastermind groups and will most likely get one for your desired goal.

If you cannot find a great mastermind group, look for an authority figure in that niche you are interested in, usually they tend to have a big following where you can ask questions. 

  • Action: The best place to find mastermind groups is to search on Facebook. Start with the free ones and determine  if the mastermind group does provide valuable information


6. Discipline 

Quote: the language of success is discipline and hard work

Your mindset needs to be ready for the upcoming goal, and having a positive mindset is truly a must. The next phase that supports successful achievements is discipline and hard work. There cannot be success without these two factors. Being disciplined will truly become an asset as you feel like quitting, which you will definitely experience. Create  ways on how to stay insanely motivated

Being disciplined: is showing up each and every time, even if you do not have the desire to do

Being hardworking: is the actual process of achieving your daily tasks

  • Action: make sure your environment supports the goal you want to achieve. Setting time aside to work on your goal is truly the best possible effort you can apply


7. Manage Your Goal

Quote: an organized mindset reached success much quicker 

Continuing with our business example, This is the bread and butter of a successful business and truly in any goal. Having the ability to successfully and efficiently manage your goals is going to be paramount for success. For any goal to get any form of traction, honestly, you have to apply different types of efforts. From time management, managing the goal itself and above managing yourself. 

Action: a carefully planned goal tends to be the one that actually reaches success. In our business goal examples, this is where you apply different tools to help manage the progress of the goal. 

  • upcoming milestones 
  • upcoming mastermind meetings
  • how to deal with the new challenge


8. Stay Motivated and Focused

Quote: knowledge is limitless, there can never be enough of it 

Starting a business can be a great challenge and there are many unforeseen events. But once you identify your goals and then break that goal into everyday tasks, you may see that bug mountain being smaller.

You are responsible for keep yourself motivated and focused. It will be challenging but having a mastermind group that help you along the way is certainly the right support system.


9. Study 

Quote: knowledge is limitless, there can never be enough of it 

There is no goal or hardly anything in life that is just achieved without any hard work. Planning for success and taking the time to create goals and deadlines is absolutely a necessity. One factor that will fuel or increase your chance to succeed is how much you set aside to study your goal. You have to know more than just enough. Success is hard work. Learn as much as you possibly can. The mastermind groups will help, but they are useless if you do not show up and study, additionally quickly learning how to overcome your failures will be rewarding towards your goal

  • Action: set aside studying times onto your calendar. Make it a point to learn as much as you can for the current goal phase you are in


10. Reward Yourself

Quote: the perfect type of self love includes, self rewarding, self care, self validation 

There is nothing like achieving the goal. REWARD yourself for the hard work you have put in. You were disciplined and kept going. There are so many ways you can self reward, the best way is to set your rewards as a motivator. Each completed milestone you check off, set appropriate rewards, please do not choose a reward that will self sabotage. Discipline will eventually deliver the goal.

  • Action: there are different types of self rewards, select the one that will motivate you to keep going. 



There are many ways to achieve goals, but this S.M.A.R.T Goals Framework has worked tremendously well for all our professional and business goals. The best way to use this framework is to precisely be very specific and clear on all sections. This will make the process clearer and also make the goals easier to achieve. If you experience a road block, just the goals in order to solve the problem.


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