Top 5 Drastic Ways on How to Achieve Success

How to Achieve Success is all based on your mindset, your strategies and definitely on how to overcome failures.   

Success is a concept that holds different meanings for each individual. Whether it’s achieving personal goals, professional accomplishments, or a sense of fulfillment, we all aspire to experience success in our lives.

However, the path to success can be challenging and uncertain, requiring dedication, perseverance, and a clear vision.

In this article, we will explore various strategies and principles that can guide us on our journey to achieving success.

From setting meaningful goals and cultivating a growth mindset to embracing failure as a stepping stone, these insights and practices can empower us to unlock our potential, overcome obstacles, and create a roadmap towards success.

By implementing these strategies, we can cultivate the necessary mindset and habits to navigate the twists and turns of our individual paths, and ultimately, create a life of purpose, achievement, and personal fulfillment. In this comprehensive guide, we embark on a journey of exploration and discovery, delving into drastic ways to achieve success. From the audacious pursuit of uncharted territories to the embrace of calculated risks, these methods challenge the conventional wisdom and invite individuals to step beyond their comfort zones. Whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur, an artist, or someone seeking personal growth, these drastic approaches offer insights and inspiration to revolutionize your pursuit of success


Tools for Success

There are many ways to achieve and define what success is to you and usually to obtain success you have to intentionally plan for it. The best way is to create a success plan that works for you, below are some of our best and favorite tips and tools


Master Your Learning

A Practical Guide to Increase Your Productivity and Use Your Time Meaningfully

  • Practical tips to beat procrastination 
  • How to master your  time effectively 
  • How to reclaim thousands of hours of your time
  • How to create a productivity system that works for you
  • 7 Criteria to help you become better how to learn faster 


Affirmation Cards

Building strength starts with a changed mindset. It is of great importance to have positive outlook.

  • Minimal line drawing printed in gold foil
  • 40 Inspirational and Motivational Cards
  • Great start for self care, self love and mental health
  • Cards are printed on thick paper with a glossy finish
  • Cards can be used to start Law of Attraction affirmations


75 Success Secrets

This book dives into the different levels of success and how to best achieve successful results. The most important aspect is to understand your vision of what success truly means to you

  • Easily written to apply it into daily life routines
  • 75 common but often complicated success secrets
  • Summarizes lessons or secrets of success from many sources
  • The secrets are practical, like master keys that anyone can use to unlock



Become Bullet Proof

This book is a MUST READ to anyone that is looking for self development Our emotions play a vital part, as protective shield or a display of fear.

  • How we fear
  • Harnessing Fear
  • Mental Armor
  • Mental Resilience
  • Be your own shift agent
  • The Secret Service Mindset



Daily Goals Journal

The book has over 100 Lists to Inspire and Motivate Your Growth and help you progress your goals 

  • Undated Weekly and Monthly Productivity Planner
  • A5 Size Refillable To Beat Procrastination
  • Easy to Organize different types of goals and milestones or brain dumb activities


Step 1: Know What You Want

TIP: this phase is examining what success means to you and if you decide to achieve it, how easily can you break it down into different phases and outlined goals.

The first step to achieving success is knowing what you want. This is one of the most difficult phases to identify  and unfortunately, many people fail to achieve success before they even start. Not knowing where you are headed is a complete structure for failure. Take the time to examine what it is you truly want, do not just highlight the goal, but go deeper into the different levels of what your success should look like and feel like. Below are some tips to consider:

  • What are your goals?
  • What does success mean to you?
  • Defining what you want will help narrow down the steps that are necessary to reach your desired destination.

Research the topics and people who will help you achieve your goals. There are many experts in various fields that can provide an invaluable service if you seek them out. Look for people and topics that are relevant to your goals and interests, and be sure to research what each person has done. As you are conducting your research below are some tips to consider:

  • what is required to achieve your goal
  • do you need new training for your goals
  •  how much does it cost to reach your goals
  • are there different ways of how to achieve that goal
  • do you need additional or new network of people to help you
  • how many phase do you need to go through in order to reach the goal



Step 2: Create a Plan 

TIP: you now take the information from the Step 1 and attach the timeframe, in order to see how long that it is going to take you to accomplish the outlined tasks

Create a Timeline

One of the biggest attributes of failure is lack of planning. The fun part about success is the “dreaming part” and how much you want to be successful, but unfortunately, most of the time, it all falls down due lack of planning. Regardless of your goals, or what your goal is, it is so important to have a well outlined plan. 

After completing Step 1: Identifying What You Want, the next step is to assign a timeline to each of your goals. This is one of the biggest sources of success because you would have outlined how long it will take to achieve your goal. This also serves as a tracking system, whether you are right on time or falling behind. 

Please, do not carry the idea of success for a long time, only ACTION CAN BIRTH SUCCESS. Before you even start Day 1 of your goals, you should have a clear understanding of your goal needs. Below are some tips in creating a timeline. 


How to Create a Success Timeline

After you have identified your goal it is time to break it down your goal into different phases. For instance, if you want to start a business, below would be your steps in this phase

  • 2 Weeks – for conducting your business research
  • 2 weeks  – for creating your business products or services to offer
  • 3 Weeks – for setting up website, customer service, getting suppliers
  • 2 Weeks – for creating your marketing plan, brand awareness, business promotion

The best approach in this section is to thoroughly list all that is required in order to achieve success and additionally to highlight all the different goals or milestones to reach your success. While creating your success plan, also try to have multiple solutions to potential issues or stumbling blocks you may face.



Step 3: Take Action

TIP: research thoroughly your planned goals and make sure the action you take is the path to the least resistance, additionally, manage your time effectively.

Set a timeline to track your progress, break your goals into daily tasks and what a milestone or completed phase looks like. This part is important as most people tend to give up right at the brink of success or worse, they keep putting effort into a goal that is no longer viable. Regardless of how you obtain success, its imperative to understand and mark what each phase entails and the expected results. Creating and implementing productive daily habits, will ensure a smoother process.  Below are some tips to consider during the take action phase:

  • How will the goal be completed?
  • How will this change affect your life?
  • What do you need to accomplish the goal?
  • What will happen after the goal is complete?

  • What is your new habit that you would like to establish?
  • What is an appropriate reward for completing the goal?

  • How will you measure your progress towards the goal?

  • How will you know when it’s time to celebrate a milestone or exit your plan into its next phase?


Step 4: Keep Going

TIP: taking action, simply means taking a step closer to your goals, be mindful when things do not work according to plan, always be flexible, as success may not show up exactly how you envisioned it, might just be a different version

Just like anything in life, its great when it starts, but tends to lose momentum when things do not go according to plan. One of the most devastating part of any goal is delayed success. There is nothing worse than putting time and effort, only to harvest failure. For most people that are inpatient and frustrations tend to build stronger, this may be the phase where it all crumbles. Success is important, but more so reaching your goals in a healthy manner is crucial and in the process have an abundant mindset. The below points highlight the importance of self care while in pursuit of your success

  • Lack of sleep affects decision-making
  • Remind yourself what inspires you about your goal
  • Write down your goal on paper and create a reminder for it
  • Make more time for this goal with the rest of your life. The more you do this, the easier it will become to keep going when you are struggling.
  • Take a break from everything else and focus on one thing that you can control for now to make progress towards your goal
  • For each goal, write down what you would like to happen in the future if you are successful with the goal.



Step 5: Tips to Achieve Success and Become a Winner

TIP:  there is no sadder feeling to achieve success and not have what matters to you, around you. Success is journey, be healthy, be happy and be around your loved ones as you venture forth

While on the journey to success can be personal or a team effort, it is imperative to define what success and a happy life looks like to you and how it feels. The best way to achieve and nurture success should be based on how you feel, how you act and most importantly how you can manage your process towards success. Below are some tips of what other people define what it means to be successful and some habits to nurture

  • Always stay calm and collected
  • Never take on more than you can make
  • Never take on more than you can handle
  • Always have a plan B in place to fall back on
  • Always keep your intentions pure and undefiled
  • Use your money wisely, effectively, and kindly
  • Do not work for money work for love and happiness
  • Have a strong belief that what you give will eventually be returned (good karma)
  • Have the right friends that will support your success, help with business, and take care of you when needed



There are so many ways to achieve success but the best aspect and tool is believing in yourself and the ability to curate a successful environment. Success is a personal venture and usually tends to derive from personal goals of what you define what success is. First decide what success is to you and be flexible in achieving your goals as plans tend to change.


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