10 Tips on How to Become an Over Achiever

How to become an over achiever is based on focused determination clear goals and a winning strategy.

They go the extra mile to achieve that goal, and in some cases they are never satisfied with wins. 

There are many qualities that over achievers have on how they pursue their goals and in this post will showcase some of our favorite qualities that we can implement into our goal setting framework.

Anything that is overdone, usually, tends to put a strain or creates added pressure. While achieving goals is a great feeling, there are other qualities that some overachievers have, that lean more to the negative side. 

Some of the qualities that work towards achieving that goal, may be driven by a negative element.

Anytime that a goal, decision or action is made to hurt other people, clearly it has become something badly intended.

Some negative examples of an overachiever is when actions are taken to the extreme and tend to lose balance such as being overly compulsive to win, hurting others in the process of winning or cannot process failure in a healthy way. In this blog post will go over tips and guidelines on how to successfully become an over achiever. The most important attribute is to be kind, loving and give yourself grace especially when failing, because life is all a journey.


Tools to Become an Over Achiever 

There are many ways to become an overachiever, but the most important one is how and what you feed your mindset, habits and definitely how you respond to failures. Below are some of our best tips and tools on how to structure your goals towards achieving more 


Master Your Thinking

This book to best deal, process and release negative thoughts

  • Why your current thinking is flawed
  • 5 common biases that distort your thinking
  • 11 powerful questions that will turn you into a super thinker
  • The secrets to align yourself with reality and get tangible results
  • How to create highly effective strategies that deliver incredible results



Positive Attitude

This book to best deal, process and release negative thoughts

  • How to keep a positive mindset
  • How stop negative thinking the right way
  • How to increase success, health, happiness, and wealth
  • How to find the right way to solve problems and finding the right solution 



Whatever it Takes 

Graduated broke from college and become a serial entrepreneur who has closed over $100M in sales 

  • How to master your habits
  • How to Transform Your Mind
  • How to Transform Your Relationships
  • How to Change Your Life for the Better
  • How to Break bad habits and form empowering ones


Gratitude Journal

Guide for Mindfulness, Positivity, Affirmation, Self Care and Self Reflections

  • Motivational quotes
  • Easy to follow guide
  • Daily writing prompts
  • Simple, beautiful layout
  • Inspirational affirmations


How to Become an Over Achiever 

There are different types of over achievers and each carries characteristics that are both good and bad. Below are the two main characteristics which classify which type of achievers they are: 

Positive Over Achievers:

Not all achievers have this characteristic, but this is a great quality to have, which is not needing or seeking validation from anyone for them to be successful. They are driven by success on their own terms and they do not seek outside validation. Their process to success is balanced, healthy and they are self fulfilled. There are so many great attributes that come from this type of an over achiever, which makes people gravitate towards them and truly want to be around them. This is the best type of an overachiever you would want to be around. 

Negative Over Achievers

They have a strong sense to achieve that goal they have in mind, unfortunately, sometimes achieving that may lead to becoming compulsive. As stated earlier, there has to be balance in anything, too much of something can produce a negative outcome. Some negative qualities of a negative over achiever may include:

  • extreme perfectionist,
  • being extremely anxious,
  • they value people based on success or failure,
  • self esteem is tied the success of your achievements,
  • have a hard time with good results, it has to be great results.

The below post, will showcase more of how to be a positive achiever and some of their great qualities that anyone can implement into their personal development journey.



1. Be Clear on What You Want 

Success Quote: your most authentic is priceless

One of the most discouraging things that will make you shy away from achieving your goals, is not knowing what you want. This may seem so simple and easy to do but it can be truly a hard start if you do not take the time to examine what success means and looks like to you. 

Take the time to examine what brings you joy, what a happy life looks like for you. The best approach to this problem is to just have a “brain dump” where you are just listing things regardless which category of your life they fall in. Then look at that page and notice what jumps at you and go forward.  If you fail, at least fail fast and create a plan of success from your failures

  • Action: To take a step further, you may want to create a vision board with your top ideas


2. Maintain Your Focus 

Success Quote: only a focused mind can stir goals into reality

This is truly a challenge for many. Staying focused is hard to do, but there are so many tools, tips and strategies that will help you to stay focused. Some people are quite capable of focusing on so many things at once and successfully completing all the many goals. While some of us can only focus on one thing at a time.

There is no right and wrong answer, the best method is to work with what you have. If you are great at a few goals at a time, so be it. Just zone in on those goals and have a method where you can track your performance and realistic goal posts or milestones.

  • Action: The best approach is to create a system that can truly help you to maintain focus, such as S.M.A.R.T Goal Framework


3. Believe in Yourself and Your Abilities 

Success Quote: only preparation and practice makes you great

This is so important to learn from a very young age and into your golden years. There is so much you can do and accomplish if you just believe in yourself. You are the captain of your life, you have the power and strength to reach your dreams and turn them into reality. One of the biggest stumbling blocks in this phase is not clearly outlining how to achieve your goal

Action: research your goal, make a plan how exactly you are going to achieve that goal, being so specific allows you to carefully plan, below are some tips to consider:

  • write what you would like to achieve 
  • Find someone who has achieved that 
  • learn the correct skills, find a network and always be learning
  • The more you know about your goal, the more it becomes a familiar and not a distant thought


4. Set Realistic Goals 

Success Quote: goals are like your lighthouse, put more effort into creating them

This is one of the main reasons why set goals never get completed, because the expectations are sometimes so high. Goals should be realistic for them to be achievable.  We love to use S.M.A.R.T Goal Framework to accurately set goals within our reach.  This goal tracker guides us to identify goals that are obtainable, realistic and above all how to set out correct deadlines.

Action: for instance if you want to buy a house, the best way is to conduct your research first and then break them down into easy and manageable tasks.

  • research which is the best neighborhood
  • identify the different costs to get the home
  • if you need to save, set out a monthly or quarterly targets


5. Take Action Right Away 

Success Quote: the best success path, dreams turned into goals, into action and then into reality 

This is the part that turns dreams into reality. This is the part that turns goals into success. You have to take the time to ACT. Most people start their goals with so much hope and optimism and with the utmost faith that they will succeed, until they hit frustrations, or worse failure. This is the part that overachievers are steadfast, because they know that failures are just part of the process. They get excited when they fail, because they know they can still push forward and prevail.  

The best antidote to failing is to follow the your goals roadmap that you should have created earlier. It is so important to have a mastermind group, or a support system that can help you in achieving those goals. Be around the same likely minded people that are also in the process of completing the same goals as you, for they will be a resource of knowledge. 

  • Action: always follow your goal tracker and adjust your daily tasks accordingly, find a mastermind group that will provide with help or guidance regarding your goal


 6. Cut Out Distractions

Success Quote: a focused mind achieves more in a short time 

There are so many statements, quotes, proverbs that showcase that success is won with good daily habits. Before you start executing your daily tasks, make sure you have the time and bandwidth for your goals to flourish. 

Cut out distractions that may have a negative impact on your daily progress. Some tips to include in this section is to be sure you have a great working environment, such as setting out time to work on your goals or having the right tools and systems. Implement different tools or techniques that help you to zone  and stay focused on your task. Find easy ways to boost your productivity. 

  • Action: our favorite technique is listing out daily tasks that need to be completed, and then setting a timer to complete that task


7. Plan for the Worst 

Success Quote : failure is the best way to learn and earn

This is important to actually include in your process of achieving your goals. Many overachievers have the ability to pivot, they are so founded on success and if you take a look at how success works, it’s a long winding road with many failures along the way. They have mastered that failure is part of success and that does not derail them. How you manage your failure or frustrations has a direct relationship on how you will succeed. 

Action: you need to include failure into your success plan, which may include researching the pros and cons of not achieving your goal

  • the success and failure rate that of your goal, 
  • how to prevent the same failure from happening, 
  • what tools, systems or skills do you need to reach the next phase of goal


8. Continuous Learning & Practice 

Success Quote: success is a series of events not a one time venture

There is no one size fits all when it comes to success, it has its own challenges. The only surest thing is to try and try again, but as you keep trying, make sure you are taking the time to improve and increase your quality output. 

The better you become at that goal you are trying to achieve, the better your results. Aim to become a knowledge expert, ask yourself if you can teach or show someone step-by-step if they are trying to achieve the same goal. Any part that you are not sure, search for your answers and be determined to become a wealth of information

  • Action: acquire the right skills for your goal, or hire someone, as stated earlier, this is where mastermind groups will help you, as you will cut down your learning time


9. Be Flexible

Success Quote: A tree that does not bend, breaks

This is a hard characteristic to learn and implement. Sometimes we are so adamant with our goals, that letting go or adjusting may feel like a failure. There is power in being flexible. You may not qualify for that house you had dreamed of, but there might be a comparable neighborhood that offers the same type of home which may end up being more suited for you. Change is inevitable, it might even be far better for you than your initial goal. 

The journey to success sometimes takes you through different paths. It may be a detour, that may actually take you through the most wonderful journey you did not even imagine. 

  • Action: always work off your goal roadmap, it will guide your through the different phases, be flexible and welcoming to change


10. Mastermind Group

Success Quote : success leaves crumbs, study and readjust them to your liking and take action

A mastermind group is a network of like minded people that are pursuing or have achieved the same goal you are chasing. One of the greatest aspects of success is having a mastermind group that will help you along the way especially when you are facing challenges. If you are part of a great mastermind group, you can easily tap into your network and solve your challenge much faster than on your own.

Take the time to research which is the best mastermind group that can help you with your goal. Do not be shy, there are a lot of people who are willing to help and it’s much more effective to be part of a network. The mastermind groups allows you to stay and have an insane positive mind

  • Action: the best place to search for mastermind groups is on Facebook, or network links such as LinkedIn



There is such great joy in achieving the exact goals that you set out for yourself, and creating a well thought out plan takes skill. Take the time to learn a process that works for you when it comes to goal setting. Know what you like, what motivates you, how to research and how you handle failure, as all this is so important as you start to execute your goals. Being a positive overachiever is the perfect motivation for others, while others may think it comes with so much pressure. Your goals are your own, aim at what you are capable of, but do not be afraid to challenge yourself.



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