10 Ways to Quickly Create an Abundance Mindset

How to Quickly Create an Abundance Mindset is all about how to apply abundance thinking into your daily habits.

An abundant mindset is a way of thinking that there is more than enough for everyone. Your success or blessings are in abundance. 

Having the ability is obtained by constantly refocusing your mind towards gratitude, law of attraction, manifestation and of course having a positive mindset.  

It can be extremely challenging if you are experiencing a difficult time, but especially, during those hard times, that is when an abundant mindset is more powerful. 

This kind of abundance mindset is about living a life of gratitude, being grateful for everything in our lives. We are grateful for the people in our lives and the opportunities we have, for more opportunities and happiness that is yet to come.

A person with an abundant mindset doesn’t allow their previous experiences to hold them back and they don’t let their negative thoughts control them. One powerful element of an abundance mindset is truly believing that there is more than enough of good fortune and blessings for every person. Not just a few people are blessed and you are counted out, the more you obtain your blessings, the more they multiply.  From the practice of gratitude and positive visualization to the embrace of growth-oriented thinking and generosity, these strategies offer actionable steps to shift your perspective and unlock a world of opportunities. Whether you’re seeking to overcome scarcity thinking, enhance your personal and professional life, or simply want to invite more positivity and abundance into your existence, this guide will empower you to quickly adapt and thrive with an abundance mindset.


How to Create an Abundant Mindset  

An abundant mindset is the idea that there are more than enough resources for everyone. That you are entitled to the same things and opportunities as everyone else. You deserve the same amount of love and respect as everyone else. An abundant mindset will help you to see the positives in life, below are some tips to start creating and increasing your abundance mindset


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1. List Your Blessings

TIP : make it a daily or frequent process to list your blessings and being thankful, regardless of how big or small they are

There is so much to be thankful for once you start to shift your focus from a negative perspective into a positive one. Energy flows where focus is, be mindful of what you feed your mind and as this has the power to change your outlook. This is the best reason to shift your focus to more great things in your life.

The best approach is to first list out your blessings, you can simply jot down what comes to mind or you can categorize your thoughts, such as family, finances, health, household or social environment. This will truly help you to zone in and create a more straight forward process of being thankful of your blessings. Living a happier life, truly start with gratitude. 


2. Positive Thinking

TIP: positive thinking has the power to change your life and create positive intentions in your daily routines and outlook

Once you have sorted your categories the next step would be to list them out. This may seem such a mundane process but truly, this tends to open up more things to be thankful for. Sometimes we just brush things over, yet that is where the biggest blessings are.

In the process, as stated above, make a list of things you are thankful for in each category. This will help you to create or refocus yourself into a more positive mindset. The more positivity you cultivate, the more it spreads and becomes a foundation. Being positive about your life or a situation is just not going to happen, you have to put in the work in order to achieve it. Once you have listed the you categories, write a positive statement on each listed item.


3. Practice Gratitude

TIP: gratitude has the power to open up blessings, kindness and turn your life around. Life filled with gratitude is a life filled with positivity

Once you have structured your categories and listed specific things that are important to you, you can then start your gratitude process. For instance, family is a category, and you can list out family members such as mom, dad, sister  or you can simply write gratitude quotes for what family means to you. Sometimes doing this exercise, not only positive emotions or thoughts will emerge, but it is a great way to deal with the negative emotions in a healthy way. Below are some of our favorite gratitude quote regarding family:

  • I am thankful for a loving family
  • I am grateful for a big, fun and giving family
  • I am grateful for the protection and security from my family


4. Schedule Affirmations or Quotes

TIP: daily gratitude is only the beginning of opening daily blessings and setting up daily positive mindset 

The best part of creating an abundant mindset, is that it sets you towards positive thinking but its power is found in constant practice. Creating a daily or frequent routine, will only allow to be more consistent and consistency creates habits. The most important aspect of creating an abundant mindset is to create habits that support your new positive intentions.

You can set a schedule or a timeframe where you can repeat your affirmations or quotes that focus on positivity of each category you created. Also this can be towards a future goal that you have yet to achieve and are thankful for it happening. For instance, if you are believing in a financial breakthroughs, you may want recite affirmations or quotes that help you in being positive.

  • I am thankful for my increasing wealth
  • I have the ability to build multiple streams of income
  • Money flows to me in various forms and multiplies into more than I need, want or desire


5. Practice Giving 

TIP: some favorite statements about the power of giving includes:  to whom much is given, much is expected and giving is food for the soul 

There is power in giving and just like how gratitude opens your heart and mind, when you give it rewards you just the same. Practicing goodness is truly a form that creates an abundant mindset, mainly because the more you give, the more you receive. What you receive is not only measured in money, but into other elements as well, such as emotional rewards.

To kickstart this phase, find out what you would like to be part of, as giving can be done in many forms from giving your time, giving physical items or giving emotionally and so much more. Find topics or organizations that will fulfill you as you give. You can choose to be part of a charity, fundraising or helping the community. Regardless of what avenue you create, serve a purpose that is aside from your personal goals or needs.

It’s amazing how serving other people can truly bring joy and light into your own life. Generally as human beings are social species and tend to see the needs of other people.


6. Health and Wellness

TIP: being physically active helps the body, mind and being emotional healthy supports and nurtures your mindset

This may seem as a surprise, but there is nothing abundant and positive if you are constantly in a sluggish mindset, physically and or emotionally. Staying active in this phase curates different meanings and below some of our best tips:

Physically – this is quite easy to do, as this pertains to moving around and having frequent doses of exercises. An active body energizes the mind and helps with mental wellness. 

Emotionally – this is when you take care of yourself emotionally, Most of us have a tendency to bury things emotionally and not deal with them directly and effectively. This is one of the worst ideas of self care. Staying emotionally active and present, means taking care of your emotional needs.


7. Mastermind Groups

TIP: one of the reasons to massive success is finding a community that supports the same goals you are trying to achieve

There is no greater resource than being around people of great influence and that can be a great resource for you. This does not mean you need famous people, but just a group of people that are like minded is surely a great wealth of knowledge.

The best way to approach this is to first identify why you need this group. What purpose will it serve you, do you have certain questions that you need answers or you are interested in pursuing a goal and need some guidance. There are many reasons to join a mastermind group and keep in mind if it serves your main purpose and contribute to your end goal.


8. Environment

TIP: it is much easier to create an environment that supports what you want to achieve, having bad environment, makes it much harder to achieve your goals

This is one of the most desired attributes of success, it’s all about creating an environment that supports your goal. It becomes much harder if your environment does not support what you are trying to achieve.

Sometimes success is a selfish act, meaning that you may have to separate yourself from negative environments as you start to create your own foundation of abundance. It may not necessarily be about physically removing yourself, but it can mean that you have to censor what you mentally and emotionally take in.  The best way would be to assess how best to create an environment that will serve your goal.


9. Journal

TIP: be authentic as you start the journaling process , after a while you will notice patterns of what you want to improve or discard

This may seem like a more modern technique of doing things, but it is one of the most important action items to do. Journaling is more about record keeping your progress. There is nothing more difficult than changing your mindset and then trying to implement strategies to turn into habits. Change is difficult regardless of who it is. The best approach is to set yourself up for success, as you embark on the rewarding journey.

The power of journaling is to write down your feelings, thoughts, results, downfall and anything that you want. This will definitely help you in identifying areas of improvements or what you may change or discard during your process.  Journaling is important because as time passes you keep track of your behavior, emotions and mindset, which gives you the power to understand yourself at a better level.


10. Emotional Address

TIP: creating an positive and nurturing emotional address means that you have to create an environment that support and uplifts you

Emotional Address simply means the type of emotions or mindset you constantly practice, which in turn creates a healthy mindset. For instance, if you want more gratitude, then you have to practice to be more grateful. Take the time to be grateful for all that is good, what you desire and be grateful for the blessings that are yet received. 

The more you practice gratitude, the more it starts to show up in your daily life, from your speech, your interactions with people and most importantly, your mindset as it tends to gravitate towards gratitude. The more you practice this process, the more it will become a habit. So what emotional address do wish to practice?


Creating an abundance mindset is truly not a one a time venture, but requires multiple steps and goals to achieve it. The tips stated above, can be easily applied to your daily routine and hopefully you can create strong habits from them. Abundance has the power to open your mindset to greater positive frequency, anything that takes you from a negative state is truly something worth pursuing.




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