15 Great Ideas to Live A Happy Life

How to Create a Happy Life, is all dependent on your mindset and set of daily habits that help you towards that goal.

Happiness is defined as having a pleasant set of emotions and a happy mindset that produces similar happy thoughts. The best way to start this process is to define what happiness means to you, what it looks like and how to achieve. Ain’t the pursuit of happiness, the venture that most of us search for?

The most amazing element about happiness is that it has a combination of different wonderful full characteristics. It exudes joy or satisfaction founded in so many wonderful elements  that we value or find pleasure in, that can only increase your well being.

It’s not merely the absence of difficulties that defines a happy life but rather the presence of certain habits, attitudes, and choices that contribute to overall well-being.

From the practice of gratitude and the pursuit of passion to the significance of mindfulness and the power of human connection, these ideas offer practical and insightful ways to cultivate happiness. Whether you’re seeking to infuse your daily existence with more positivity, seeking purpose, or simply striving for a brighter outlook on life, this guide will empower you to embrace the art of living happily. This post will highlight some of the qualities that can add to your happiness fountain and may your happiness flourish into all areas of your life, and increase more happiness. The most interesting thing about happiness is that it can happen to you where you can experience it from outside factors, while on the other side, you have to cultivate environments where it can grow and start to engulf areas where you hold dear.



 How to Create a Happy Life 

This post has a list of actions items or state of mind that we have surveyed and has shown that in order to create a happy life, you need to create and initiate an environment for it to grow. The best part to any journey is to first plan for it and take action


Master Your Emotions

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Affirmation Cards

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Self Care Bucket List

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Personal Development

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75 Success Secrets

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Learning to Love Yourself

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1. Positive Mindset

Positive Mindset Quote: there is always a silver lining of hope in every storm 

This is one of the most important qualities that will help increase or cultivate your happiness. Your mind has the power to change everything about your life. It is the central station, the engine or the main navigation system to your whole life. Keeping a positive mindset is to crucial, but unfortunately, life is life and you will experience challenges on the way, but how you interact with challenges, will definitely change your outlook, or become a positive overachiever

  • Action: some action items  to include in your lifestyle would be to have a great support system to help you in challenging times. The best way to overcome challenging situations is to look at the positive side of things.


2. Self Love

Self Love Quote: Self love is not an indulgent but a necessity act of love.

There is something that is so beautiful about inner love shining through. It tends to radiate from within and starts to spread to everything around you. This is one of the most beautiful qualities that people tend to remember and come to love about you. This has the power to honestly be influential. Many people love a kind and positive person.

The true form of self love has the power to attract the same energy you knowingly and unknowingly give out. Another important part of self love is that it protects you, because you will not accept anything that is less worthy of you. You can easily walking and stay far from negativity

  • Action: write down what you want to improve about yourself and start making goals towards that. You will be surprised what you are capable of.


3. Health

Healthy Quote: A healthy life, starts with a healthy you. 

This is so important to be high on the list.  Health is wealth. Please take care of your body, it does a lot for you and at the very minimum you can take the time to care for it.

One of the best ways to incorporate health into your lifestyle is to acquire more knowledge. There are so many books and apps that show easy ways on how to implement good nutrition into your diets or lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle starts in the kitchen, learning which foods are good for, how to cook or which foods work best with your immune system is so important to learn. Find your rhythm and reason and be active

  • Action: implement frequent exercising routines into your lifestyle. Going to the gym is great and you can also incorporate relaxing activities such as long walks, yoga or pilates. Anything that reduces your stress is great for your well being.


4. Environment

A Happy Environment Quote: You are not a lotus, do not grow in muddy waters.

There are two main types of environments we belong to.

The first group is the social groups we belong to, from friends to family members. Naturally we are social people and it is a healthy part of our well-being. Unfortunately, in some cases these social groups tend to be more stressful and can truly hinder our happiness. Always be mindful of how these social groups interact with your own space and or peace of mind.

The second environment is the one we create for ourselves. This should be handled and cared for with extreme care. Usually this is where you reside, your space, your peace, your mindset and it should be valued at a higher level. It is much difficult to have a sense of happiness if your environment does not support a happy environment. There are impactful ways you can influence your environment to be positive, living a happy life is acquired when your needs, wants and desires are being met.

  • Action: make a list of your needs and wants, then create space for them to grow. For instance, a sense of peace can be when you take the time to meditate, or have quality time with your loved ones.


5. Emotional intelligence

Emotional Intelligence Quote: Your emotions are valid, respect and nurture them.

Having emotional intelligence is most often defined as the ability to perceive, use, understand, manage, and handle emotions.

Emotional intelligence has the power to influence how you look or view situations and most importantly how you react to them. The best way to showcase your emotional intelligence is having the ability to communicate and effectively express your emotions. This is a great skill set to master, because most of us do not express our hurt correctly, unfortunately, the hurt comes out differently and usually we start to project that pain. Some of the most expressed emotions, usually without first analyzing their cause, include anger, hurt, pain. 

  • Action: take notice of your feelings, they are all valid. Suppressing them is not the right way. Examine the root cause and resolve that issue.


6. Social life

Social Life Quote: Become the person, you want to attract.

There is something so beautiful when you have a circle of support  or network that truly wants and wishes the best of you. If you don’t have immediate family support that uplifts you, there is nothing better than choosing your own circle of support.

It is well within your rights to choose a circle that uplifts, motivates and encourages you. Usually, our friends tend to be a big part of our influence. Take the time to be selective with your friends and choose friends that are emotionally supportive and that encourage you to be better.

  • Action: the best way to achieve this goal, as stated in the quote, become the best you and become the friend you hope for. Start with communities that match your needs.


7. Open Minded

Open Minded Quote: Life tends to open doors to those that travel far.

Keeping an open mind and welcoming what comes through those doors, will certainly spice up your life. Don’t be so quick to say no or not even give it a thought. Some of the best life stories and memories we have heard are made when we least expect them. From managing so many goals that have stringent deadlines to long to do lists, truly, there has to be something in life that we just let life unfold.

Being open minded does not mean you have to expose yourself to high risk or make decisions that do not suit or support your well-being. It is so important to be safe, but safety does not mean not living life.

  • Action: create a list of things that interest you and go for them. The best way to source your motivation is to be part of a community that shares the same goals.


8. Sense of Adventure

Adventurous Quote: When you start exploring, the wider your horizons become

As stated above, keep an open mind, but to take it a step further, having a sense of adventure truly brings out the color out of life. An adventure does mean go and be wild or do things that harm you. An adventure is trying out new things. Challenge yourself to try new things outside your comfort zone.

You will certainly experience something new. Whether you make it a hobby or just a single memory, life is all about trying it out.  The best way to approach this, start with something you want to learn. If it’s cooking, try a cooking class or challenge yourself to cook food from another country.  Small little adventures are the best to start because this will give you momentum once you complete it.

  • Action:  A great way to start this process is to list hobbies that you would like to try. Or better yet is to start your bucket list. There is no need to wait, for tomorrow is not guaranteed and life happens today.


9. Hobbies

Hobbies Quote: hobbies can truly make life more rewarding 

This is certainly taking adventures to another level. The adventures are meant to help you identify what you like. In this process you can find activities that you like and turn them into a hobby. There is so much you can gain with a hobby, there are more advantages to gain with having one. It’s truly a pleasurable venture and will help to increase your quality of life.

Some hobbies that tend to have a major following or at least that we like are gardening, playing the piano, yoga, writing  and baking. You never know until you try something new. Have fun, enjoy  yourself and be free.

  • Action: to get started, write what interests you and just get started. For a more enhanced experience see if there is a related community where you have same like minded people to share with, that if you choose to do so.


10. Goals and Habits

Habits Quote: The quality life you inspire for, is built upon quality goals and habits

Achieving Goals – means taking massive action, efficient planning and most importantly setting goals that are achievable. The best way to build a happy life is certainly by creating a winning outlined plan and then setting deadlines to achieve the action items.

Quality habits are what sustain your progress towards achieving your goals. The better your habits are, the faster you can achieve your goals and usually the better the quality of your goals. The first phase of implementing a habit is very difficult and you may be resistant to change. It takes about 30 days of complete and thorough consistency for your habits to become a part of your routines without any resistance.

  • Action: the best process is to first identify your goals and then create habits that support what your vision is


11. Forgiveness

Forgiveness Quote: You are to beautiful to let unforgiveness, ruin your best self 

There is nothing more debilitating than holding onto a grudge, it will disturb your well-being. Do not hold on to something that hurts you, unfortunately, you will be playing against a force you cannot win against.

Some have said that forgiveness is not for the other person, but for you. To be honest, there is no easy way to forgive someone that has hurt you badly, it takes time to achieve that. This is where having emotional intelligence will truly help with this phase.

  • Action: truly examine your current emotions and see where your root cause lies, and take the time to validate your emotions and how to gently start moving towards forgiveness


12. Let it Go

Let it Go Quote: You are to beautiful to let unforgiveness, ruin your best self 

The power of letting go, comes with its own adventures of life. Once you apply the first step of forgiveness, usually the power of letting go, starts to surface. Letting go has been defined as not having emotional attachments tied to prior events. Some say, forgive and forget, but can we truly forget something?

It may seem that the power and process of letting go is best left to be self defined. The more you analyze or examine your emotional needs or wants, the better you are able to prescribe the correct way to let go of something. This phase is so important in building that happy life as, sometimes we fall victims to situations that we have not learnt to let go.

  • Action: take the time examine what is best for you, sometimes learning and earning, also means letting go and getting to a much happier state


13. Love

Love Quote: You are worthy of all love, most importantly, self love

There is  nothing  better than love. The sweet emotions, the freedom and the so many beautiful qualities it brings is magical. But the truest form of love that we are in short supply of is, self love. You can easily start by creating a self care guide that uplifts you. 

Not all love is created the same. Before you venture into this phase, be sure that you are authentically being true to yourself, in all areas, physically, emotionally and expressively. Determine what kind of love you wish, pray or hope for.

  • Action: qualify the love you are deserve of, if it provides what you are looking for, before entering. Some of our favorite tips include asking if that love is good for you, makes you grow, love you unconditionally and so forth.


14. Self Reflection

A Self Reflections Quote: The most authentic place you can be, is with yourself

Self reflection is when you look at oneself and be as authentic as possible  and you evaluate the person you are from your attitudes, mindset, thoughts, motivations, goals and or fears. You are the person on the platform and an honest examination of yourself is required.

Be true to yourself, though sometimes truth and honesty is hard to deal with, but that is the only way you can have a self reflection process that will actually lead you to being a better self. Usually learning and earning are achieved after this process. Do not be afraid, you are more capable and braver than you think.

  • Action: journaling is a great way to self reflect, but the best method to self reflect is in a way that makes sense to you. Some are just comfortable with just keeping listed goals or what needs to be improved.


15. Spirituality 

Spirituality Quote:  spirituality can truly nurture a positive mindset

As we go through life, facing and overcoming challenges, we tend to have deeper and more philosophical questions, where sometimes we want to find more to life’s meaning. Spirituality has a broad meaning and set of belief systems that are bigger than ourselves. Most spirituality principles or beliefs tend to provide a space that supports a positive mindset. Positivity usually cultivates other positive emotions such as gratitude, peace, assurance, meaningfulness and more.

  • Action: spirituality can truly provide a space of comfort and and deepened assurance into a positive outlook towards life



How to create a happy life honestly depends on what your desires are. There are many ways to achieve your goals. The best method you can ever implement is one that supports your overall well being. Self love is living life in your most authentic way. Wishing a happy adventure, as you take charge of creating what a happy life looks like to you.



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