10 Ways on How To Stay Insanely Motivated

How to Stay Insanely  Motivated is all about the mindset and series of actions that support your goals.

Motivation is the drive or desire to do something. It is a state of mind that promotes action and energy, a force that moves us to take action.

Motivation can come in many forms, such as rewards, punishments, feelings of competence and accomplishment, the desire for personal growth and improvement, or the need to meet our basic needs.

Motivation is when you’re doing something because it’s hard to do, but rewarding. The most important thing to remember about motivation is that it’s not just a one-time thing.

Motivation is something that can be built up over time, and given how our brain works, it will go up and down. Sometimes we’ll be motivated to do something, and then other times we’ll no longer feel the same.

Today’s motivation could be tomorrow’s fatigue. It’s important to keep in mind that sometimes it’s not bad when you’re feeling low on motivation, it might just mean you need some time apart from a certain task in order to work up the motivation again. Motivation, if well treated it can be a renewable resource. Learn how to self motivate especially when facing obstacles, and honestly  you would have won half the battle.

In this comprehensive guide, we embark on an exploration of the art and science of motivation, uncovering a myriad of ways to stay insanely motivated. From cultivating a burning passion for your goals to leveraging the power of discipline, positive reinforcement, and personal growth, these strategies offer insights and actionable steps to keep your motivational fires blazing. 


Best Tools for Motivation

From chasing professional success, personal development, or simply seeking to infuse every aspect of your life with unbridled enthusiasm, this guide will empower you to tap into a well of boundless motivation, allowing you to surmount obstacles and realize your most audacious dreams. 


Master Your Success

Timeless Principles to Develop Inner Confidence and Create Authentic Success

  • How to absolute responsibility for your life
  • How to be successful on your own term 
  • How to develop rock-solid confidence and achieve more
  • How to skyrocket your productivity and truly master your success


Affirmation Cards

Building strength starts with a changed mindset. It is of great importance to have positive outlook.

  • Minimal line drawing printed in gold foil
  • 40 Inspirational and Motivational Cards
  • Great start for self care, self love and mental health
  • Cards are printed on thick paper with a glossy finish
  • Cards can be used to start Law of Attraction affirmations


Law of Attraction Planner 

This planner allows you to carefully craft your your process

  • Daily, Weekly, Monthly Planner
  • 12 Month Journey to Increase Productivity
  • Life Organizer, Gratitude Journal, Habit Tracker
  • 248 pages of life transformation; 45 journal pages


Highly Effective Habits

This book is clearly a goal oriented book as it highlights strategies that can eliminate procrastination or lack of motivation

  • Paradigms and Principles
  • Creating a Win/Win Solution
  • Principles of Personal Leadership
  • Principles of Personal Management
  • Seek to understand first, then understood


The Power Of Discipline

How to Use Self Control and Mental Toughness to Achieve Your Goals

  • How to quickly ditch your bad habits 
  • The Zen Buddhists’ secrets to self-discipline
  • How to make hard-work exciting
  • How to master self-discipline by targeting certain areas of the brain


1. Stages of Motivation

TIP: clearly set a milestone when you get your rewards after completing a task or a goal. You can increase the rewards the more accomplish the tasks

When we are motivated to work, we are in a state of flow. We feel challenged, energized, and engaged. When we are in this state of flow, our self-esteem increases and our performance improves. When we are not motivated to work, we are in a state of boredom. Our self-esteem decreases, and performance declines. How to become an overachiever can truly change your perspective on things and how to achieve your goals

The motivation process can be broken down into three stages:

  • Anticipation: This is usually at the beginning of the goal, this is the most fun part, as we have high hopes of and highly anticipating that will achieve the goal and have a great feeling about it.
  • Action: This phase is the most important part. We take action towards our goal by doing things like working hard or setting up systems that remind us of our goal. Always be mindful that your action should directly support the goal, be careful of tasks that are time wasters.
  • Reward: This is the fun part. We get rewarded for taking action with a sense of accomplishment or satisfaction. Most people wait until the goal is accomplished to reward themselves. Rewarding yourself along the way, for instance after each phase, is more motivating and  as it gives you something to look forward to as you accomplish various tasks.


2. 4 Steps of Goal Setting

TIP: a dream without a goal just remains a dream. The best approach is to breakdown the dream into smaller manageable tasks

The true power of maintaining your motivation is to have a solid plan that encourages you as you progress along. Motivation is the current or better yet a cheerleader that keeps you interested in achieving your goals. One of the best approaches is creating your own goal framework on how to achieve goals from idea research and how to implement your strategies, how to self motivate to reach and maintain your success. Below are some tips to consider when creating your own goal setting framework.

  • Step 1 : Goal Setting, this is the process of identify the goal
  • Step 2 : Task Creation, you have to breakdown the goal into smaller manageable tasks or milestones
  • Step 3 : Timeline, create deadlines for each task or action items
  • Step 4 : Adjustments, sometimes the goal is not achieved by the deadline, be flexible.


3. Types Internal Motivation

TIP: your mind has the power to refocus and start seeing the best in everything. A positive mind can surely erase bad days.

  • Mind: a negative mindset will more than likely produce negative results. As you are working on your goals, it may be best to have multiple sources of motivation that relate to your goal. For instance, if starting a business, read more about how other business people overcame difficult times. Becoming a positive overachiever, tends to not only create a positive mindset but also positive habits. 
  • Emotions: this is closely related to how your mind views the current situation. It is always best to see things from being half full than half empty. The moment you start positive thinking, it tends to spread and lightens up your mood.
  • Pace Yourself: one aspect that creates tremendous pressure is over scheduling or setting out goals that cannot be easily achieved. Many people underestimate the amount of work required to accomplish the goal, therefore, when results do not match the desired goal, this means frustrations start to mount. Be flexible in your task creation and give yourself grace as you start your tasks.


4. Types of Physical Motivation

TIP: we have heard so many times, health is wealth. There is so much stress when it comes to achieving your goals, but take the time to take care of your health.

  • Health: there are many forms of implementing healthy habits into your schedule as you progress into achieving your goals. Some top favored healthy habits include, exercise, nutrition, meditation, journaling and socializing and more. Any activity that supports a healthy physical lifestyle is a great choice
  • Reward: every time that you successfully complete a task, it is such a great source of motivation to reward yourself. Rewarding  yourself truly adds fuel into progressing further along and it can also rejuvenate you into exploring better solutions
  • Network: sometimes, the best solution is found when you network with other experts in your niche. Your network may actually help you with how to correct structure goals and how best to achieve them, with the least form of resistance. They may offer tips, hacks, guides and best of all how to recover or maneuver goal related failures.


5. 10 Tips on How to Stay Insanely Motivated

TIP: always list things that inspire, motivate and encourage you as you start your goals. There is never a limit to how many motivational items you can have

There are many ways to achieve success, but one of the most important aspects is to keep a motivated mindset. Below are some tips to consider as you create your goals and environment.

  • Tasks: keep your tasks small and easy to manage. A too broad definition or completed tasks, makes it harder to stay on pace
  • Deadline: make sure your deadlines are clearly stated and that the whole team is aware when due projects and tasks are due
  • Have Fun: there is no greater motivator like having fun applied to your process. Create new ways to get task completed
  • Visualization:  abundance or law of attraction starts with visualization which is a powerful technique that can help you to focus. more you focus on the successful outcome, the more spirits are uplifted
  • Positive Mind: a positive mindset can truly eradicate any negativity. Instead on focusing on the on how bad things are, look for positive things that you have achieved thus far
  • Organize: there are countless tasks that need to be achieved in order to obtain your goals, but there is no greater source of pressure and frustrations when you are not organized. An organized mind is a clear mind, and this also translates into your work. Create daily positive and productive habits that will motivate you into success.
  • Set a Time: this one of the most effective methods used to increase productivity. Set out your daily tasks and set a time limit with no disruptions while completing specific tasks.
  • Schedule: do not over schedule your work, as this may cause one to be overwhelmed. Over multi- tasking only leaves people exhausted and no progress made.
  • Easy Strategies: implement easy strategies that work for you and your workforce. There are many ways to achieve a goal and no one size fits all and over complicating things only makes it harder
  • Understand Your Way: there are many reasons of doing something and most times it get faded when hardships start to unfold, there is no greater source of inspiration that keep yourself focused on your why



Keeping yourself motivated is almost a daily exercise. Once you understand your best motivating tool or system, you can easily implement it into your daily routine. Most of us or better yet most actions items we set for ourselves are tied to a goal or an objective.  The best approach is to identify and understand the why and create a plan to achieve it. Be kind to yourself and always show grace to yourself goals are not achieved in one go. This will allow you to over stress, but will keep you motivated.



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