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Positive Affirmations for Women

Positive Affirmations is a process of saying statements that mirror what you what to achieve, belief or encourage yourself with. The affirmations are simple and straight to the point. In simpler terms, the process of positive affirmations is all about self cheering yourself towards the goal you want to achieve. The whole framework is built on being positive, seeing the best in each situation and the most important aspect is consistency, repetition forms habits and habits into beliefs. The goal is to curate a mindset shift that creates an environment that your positive affirmations state.

How to Start Your Affirmations 

Identify Your Objective

Any success starts with action and the best way is to create an action plan. There are many affirmations for different reasons or goals and it can be overwhelming to say them all at if there is no target identified. The best method first identify what your objective is, what are you working toward or want to improve on, for instance starting a business

Create Daily Affirmations 

Once you have identified your targeted goal, its is best to do an emotional free flow. What this is writing all emotions that are associated with the goal, whether good, bad or in between. Then write the emotions that support your desired mental state. For instance, starting a business, write your associated feelings, and make a list of the ones that will help you stay strong.

Make Your Affirmations Personal

Affirmations are meant for you as you are aiming for a new goal, target or simply uplifting yourself. For instance, it can be affirmations for work, building confidence. learning new skills or being more gratitude. Its truly a dose of self cheering and being gratitude, explore and be sincere with yourself. Write out sentences that you either want to improve on I got the promotion I am successful

Journal to Keep Track

Keep your notes of your progress or simply just record how you are feeling as you continue your affirmations. In the beginning there may lack of interest or challenging as it not part of you yet, but as time progress it should start to feel more familiar. Take special note on parts that you do not like and adjust accordingly. Feel free to implement new strategies, the main objective is to self cheer and make that into a habit.

 How to Take Action

Any goal or desired reality is all achieved through action. Even though affirmation can be self cheering, they also play an important part by encouraging you to forge forward toward a goal. Whatever you desire can be achieved through a series of well planned out action plan.

The Universe Works For You

Law of Attraction, Manifestation, Gratitude and Affirmations, all branch into turning your dreams or efforts into reality, by applying planned out action. Nothing just happens – it takes work. It all starts with your with how well you nurture your mind. Positive thinking can truly change outcomes.

Positive Affirmations Tools


Gratitude Daily Journal

This cards offer a guided routine for creating your own affirmations or simply use the ones on the cards

  • 36 Positive Affirmation CARDS.
  • Daily Affirmations Cards Deck, Inspirational Cards
  • Our daily motivational cards are ideal for group or self therapy
  • Made of sturdy 350 gsm cardstock which has long durability


Law of Attraction Planner 

This planner allows you to carefully craft your your process

  • Daily, Weekly, Monthly Planner
  • 12 Month Journey to Increase Productivity
  • Life Organizer, Gratitude Journal, Habit Tracker
  • 248 pages of life transformation; 45 journal pages



Affirmation Cards

Building strength starts with a changed mindset. It is of great importance to have positive outlook.

  • Minimal line drawing printed in gold foil
  • 40 Inspirational and Motivational Cards
  • Great start for self care, self love and mental health
  • Cards are printed on thick paper with a glossy finish
  • Cards can be used to start Law of Attraction affirmations


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Positive Affirmations for Women

The mind is the most important force that can curate the life you want. If you can master the courage to increase mental stamina and infuse yourself with positive thoughts and actions, you can be sure to be headed in the direction towards your desires. These are simple positive mindset affirmations, the key is to use affirmations that suit you and target goal.


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I am kind 

I am smart

I am brave

I am strong

I am hopeful

I am courageous

I believe in myself

I am an overcomer

I am strong minded

I am a game changer

My mind is abundant

I am stronger than yesterday

I am getting stronger each day

I have power over my thoughts

I am highly favored and blessed

I am decisive

I uplift my confidence

I am strong and healthy

I acquire the right skills 

I am capable of greatness

I aim for daily happiness 

I have the power to say NO

I am the architect of my life

I am superior to negative thoughts

I have the power to change my story

I have the confidence to stand strong

I build my foundation and make choices 

I nurture great friendships and love circles


Emotional Affirmations 

Emotional care is so important. It is perfectly okay to feel negative, positive, in between or confusing emotions. Most of the times our emotions tend to lead our lives, the connections we make and most importantly our mental health status. Self care or self love include emotional care. Emotional Affirmations help in clearing any emotional clouds and hopefully strengthen you.


I will continuously find laughter, joy, hope and redemption

I will give myself time for negative emotions to flow out 

I choose to release fear. I will not entertain fear

I will focus on the goodness and how I can add onto it

I will actively learn more about emotional intelligence

I will create more good decisions that are caring, loving and nurturing


I nurture my emotions

My happiness is important

I lovingly take care of myself

I grateful for all my blessings

I welcome positivity every day

My emotions are valid and real

I am responsible for my happiness

I am blessed beyond measure or reason 

I am better TODAY than I was yesterday

I welcome love, health, peace, abundance

I am loved, joyful, appreciated, admired

I am beautiful, alluring, confident, kind



Whatever I can dream up for my business, I can achieve

Success and growth are inevitable outcomes of my work

My income is growing every day by doing something I love



Positive Success Affirmations 

Success Affirmations, are inspirational, encouraging and certainly motivating. These will help you in forging forward. Any successful accomplishment is produced or achieved through a series of actions. Successful Affirmations make a declaration that you are successful and that you already achieved what you have been envisioning.



I am blessed

I am grateful

I am confident

I am successful

I trust my abilities

I attract goodness

I am highly favored

I am worthy of success

My failures are my teachers

I have come far and done well

I choose to live an abundant life

I easily accomplish all of my goals




I let myself move with confidence in the direction of my goals

I appreciate all lessons that owning my business has taught me

The success of my fellow entrepreneurs fuels me with energy

My income grows daily by me doing the things I love




I am a Goal Getter

I am a Goal Achiever

My ideas are successful

I attract more abundance

Success is within my realm

The universe brings only the best 

I stay focused on my vision

I pursue my daily GOALS

I will celebrate my little wins




The universe is filled with endless opportunities for my career

Every day I become more confident, powerful, and successful

Every day I am attracting more and more abundance into my life

I am stronger than all the challenges and hurdles lying in my way



Positive Affirmations Business  

Business Affirmations, are similar to success affirmations as they are encouraging, motivating and uplifting but these are more specific to a certain objective. If you are in business, increasing income, or in the process of acquiring wealth, these business affirmations, will have you laser focus to that specific



I am leader

I am wealthy

I create value

Money flows to me

I am a money magnet

I increase my network

What I dream I achieve

My success has no limits

I am a great business person

My customers are my business

I socialize with more business people

Money and wealth comes to me easily

There are no limits to what I can achieve



I let myself move with confidence in the direction of my goals

I appreciate all lessons that owning my business has taught me

The success of my fellow entrepreneurs fuels me with energy

My income grows daily by me doing the things I love






I honor my goals

I am responsible

I invest my business

I invest in my skillset

My network is successful

Money flows through me

I create wonderful businesses

I am a successful  entrepreneur

I have the ability to create wealth

My net worth continues to increase

My products are help people 

I get new opportunities every day



I surround myself with successful business people

Each day I get closer to realizing my business goals

Successful and supportive people are attracted to me

My business is set up for massive success and growth




Last Quote

Positive Affirmations are for you to self cheer, self encourage and definitely help you to frame your mindset to create the space, love and life you want.


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