There is nothing more encouraging than reading quotes that are inspirational and above all that motivate us to hopefully take action. Our mindsets and words have great power to change our world and create the lives we desire.  May these quotes find you peace, healing and comfort.  



SPRING QUOTES when the fields are filled with new blooms, new scents, new hymns, and the yearning of being anew. In this season we find quotes and songs that makes us feel young and motivate us to be mightily strong. Our Spring Quotes include dreams . faith . grace . gratitude . greatness . hope . healing . humility . mindset . motivation . goals.

Abundance Life Changing Quotes 

How to Believe In Your Dreams 

Gratitude Quotes that Will Uplift You

Greatness Quotes that Will Motivate You 



SUMMER QUOTES is the season of jubilee, echoes of laughter from home and far, midday comes with joy and the vibrant sunset ends with gratitude. Our Summer Quotes include  family . empowerment . finances . friendships . happiness . love . law of attraction . manifestation . peace . success . wealth.

Empowering Financial Freedom Quotes

Life Changing Law of Attraction Quotes

Inspiring Manifestation Quotes That Work

The Best Money Quotes That Will Help You Save Money



AUTUMN SEASON marks the ending of a season while ushering a new one. Such as life, it presents crossroads, contradictions between the abundance of harvest and preparation for winter. Our Autumn Quotes includes thanksgiving . entrepreneur . fear . forgiveness . hustle . leadership . prayer . strength . wisdom

 How to Overcome Fear Quotes

How to Build Your Strength Quotes

Great Side Hustle Quotes for Your Business

Boss Quotes That Will Make You Feel Inspired



WINTER SEASON is when the weather is crisp and snow blankets our paths. The season is filled with contradictions between comfort and cold, warmth and solitude. In the winter season we explore quotes that internally uplift and build us Our Winter Quotes includes bravery . boldness . courage . endurance . failure . doubt . patience . proverbs . resilience . perseverance

Best Impactful Quotes of Endurance

Life Changing Quotes to Get Over Failure

Top Debt Free Quotes that Will Save Money

The Best Bravery Quotes That Will Motivate You



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